August 31, 2016

Environmental Degradation


As societies get economically empowered, the individual disposable income rises and, therefore, more purchasing power. The rise in purchasing power puts extra pressure on production industries to produce more in order to satisfy the crested demand. Therefore, industries exert pressure on the natural resources as they seek more raw materials for the manufacture of goods (Hardoy et al., 2013). Essentially, an environment refers to the surrounding that an animal lives in. Additionally, an environment can refer to the natural world in which an individual operates.


In the words of Pugh (2014), improved standards of living demand for luxurious goods because people have an extra income that can purchase goods of ostentation. In an effort to respond to demand, investors and entrepreneurs face the prospect of opening more new industries and factories. These industries emit dangerous products to the environs in which they operate.  For instance, factories direct their sewage system to rivers and lakes and this poses a threat to sea animals. Besides that, the sewage directed to the water bodies may kill sea animals and, therefore, pose a threat to the future existence of the said animals.

Factories and industries demand energy for their day-to-day operations. Owing to the high electricity cost, the said industries revert to use of firewood as a source of energy. This precipitates the cutting down of forest vegetation in search of sources of energy. The disappearing of forest vegetation reduces the water catchment, thus painting a dark future for the existence of life. Similarly, wastes lessen the output of natural resources such as fisheries, farming and rangelands. With this trend, it can be deduced that the improved standards of living is a replica of environmental degradation whereby the increased demand for goods exert more pressure on natural resources (UNEP report, 2013)

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Dave Butler
September 16, 2016 at 5:37 am

Our planet is our home! We need to save our planet and plant more trees! As for me urbanization will kill our planet(


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