September 6, 2016

Fame the Media and Privacy


The Media plays an important role in our lives. However, some people believe that the famous people are negatively affected by the media while others feel that media is rightful in how they treat the famous people. For various reasons, it is correct to say that positive media does not affect the famous people as compared to the negative media which goes deep into their private lives (Muller, 2014).


It is agreeable that the famous people sometimes feel harassed by the media when they are trying to lead ‘normal’ lives. This is, however, a non-issue considering that they subscribed to this, and it is the media that created them in the first place. By pursuing fame, one subscribes to the benefits as well as the downsides that come with it. One of these downsides includes constant harassment and invasion of privacy. It would be unfair for one to say that the media treats famous people unfairly. This is because by being famous, one’s life stops being private and switches to be public since the famous person in question has a direct influence on the society. This makes his/her fans and followers always thirsty for more information regarding their role model’s lifestyle (Giles, 2010). This is the sole reason reality shows came up; So as to keep the people up to speed with their favorite celebrity’s life.


In conclusion, it is agreeable to state that even though famous people deserve some private time, which they surely get, they should embrace the frequency with which they are approached by the media representatives as well as paparazzi since that is part of the price they have to pay for deciding to take the path they took. The media treatment is relatively fair being that the media is also under constant pressure from the fans to deliver new information about these famous people.

One Comment on “Fame the Media and Privacy

Dexter Miller
September 8, 2016 at 10:01 am

Good statement! I think that famous people have not enough private time, paparazzi are always watch for them. It is one of the negative side of famous life.


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