September 9, 2016

Impact of Global Warming on Society

Global Warming

Global warming is an upcoming serious condition that will unfortunately be worse in future. Philander, (2012) describes global warming as the rise in the surface temperature of the earth as a result of greenhouse effect. People must be aware of this problem in order to succeed in enhancing measures of implementation against global warming. Global warming is expected to affect the society in various ways.


Expected Effects of Global Warming

According to Fournier (2011), global warming often affects the surrounding hence affecting the society. Global warming will for instance result to higher temperature and ice caps melting on the Polar Regions. As a result animal habitats and the lifestyle of those who live in coastal and cold areas will be negatively affected.

Change in temperature will also lead to change in the soil acidity affecting agriculture. Plants will have to adapt to the changes and there may be discovery of new plant breeds. Those that survive only on cold weather may seize to exist.

Another effect is the human health. Humans are known to adapt to weather changes through the years they experience change. If these changes increase more, human body will unfortunately have no much time to cope with the changes. Hence, the immune system will fall making people to fall sick often (Fournier, 2011).

Moreover, more extreme weather and disturbances of the weather are expected. Rise in temperature may lead to storms, hurricanes and volcanic eruptions among others (Philander, 2012).

In conclusion, before the environment is hit by serious global warming effects, the society must start preparing for prevention measures. The society can always find a way to survive and adapt to the changes of climate.

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