September 14, 2016

Modern Technology and Human Life

Technology refers to the collection of skills, techniques, methods along with processes commonly used to produce goods and services or in pursuing and fulfilling different objectives (Siemens, 2014). Over the years, technology has progressed at a fast pace, with the present day know-how being the most integrative. As a result of this feature, the modern technology has made life more convenient.


The modern technology has connected the members of the society regardless of where they are. Traditionally, people from different global geographic regions could not interact, since mechanisms supporting such a discourse were non-existent (Siemens, 2014). However, with modern technology, this gap has been filled. A platform such as social media allows global people to share opinions, news, and perspectives in real-time. This is essential as people become more empowered and informed.

Further, most of the modern technologies are developed to make the life easier for humans. The case of automobiles can be used to affirm such a claim. In the past, people had to walk over long distances to facilitate individual primary purposes such as trade (Shane, 2001). There were immense challenges with such a status quo. It took unnecessarily long before a need was satisfied. However, in the modern day, vehicles are used to distribute utilities to diverse segments within a short time. What this means is that vehicles have assisted traders to facilitate the satisfaction of the society’s needs promptly and optimally (Shane, 2001). This is important as it improves the customer segment’s quality of life.

To conclude, it is evident that modern technology has allowed for convenience in the human life. Given such a benefit, more focus should be on making the present day technology even more integrative. In this way, no inefficiencies will be traceable in the human realm.

One Comment on “Modern Technology and Human Life

Thera Ford
September 23, 2016 at 3:28 am

Modern technologies was created to help people to make their lives easier. But we shouldn’t forget that humans need always develop to survive and safe our world.


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