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The Case of Same Sex Marriage

Same-sex marriage has been a political hot topic in the United States (U.S.) dating back to 1972 with the first appeal to the Supreme Court. Since then a lot of progress has been made in the U.S. same-sex marriage movement. Currently, there are 37 states that allow couples to share in the freedom to marry […]

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Advantages of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad instills comprehension of the political, technological, cultural, economic, and social forces that shape today’s global society, while also building self-knowledge and appreciation for multiple perspectives. It provides a platform for one to engage in meaningful cultural exchange and learning new languages that help towards confidence building and analytical skill. It enhances creativity, as […]

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Environmental Degradation

Introduction As societies get economically empowered, the individual disposable income rises and, therefore, more purchasing power. The rise in purchasing power puts extra pressure on production industries to produce more in order to satisfy the crested demand. Therefore, industries exert pressure on the natural resources as they seek more raw materials for the manufacture of […]

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How Business Tracking Habits Affect Privacy

The digital age has created countless opportunities for businesses and numerous risks for consumers. Smartphones have caused companies to access information that users would never share face-to-face. A raging public debate on the extent to which consumers can sacrifice their privacy for government surveillance is ongoing. However, this discussion can also be extended to businesses […]

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Governments Ought To Provide For the Aged

Some of the world countries have homes where the aged live. The homes have nurses who look after the old people. Different organizations volunteer to care for these people. Governments, however, ought to take charge and pay for the services offer to the aged population because the certainty of healthcare is critical. This is in […]

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